Allow me to introduce myself, I am John and i think most of you suck at Photoshop. No im only joking, im just here to help. So, in the future i am looking to pursue a carrier as a Graphic Designer. The more practice i get the better i will be the more likely to get hired i will become, depends on that factor, and that factor determines if i get BANK. Here is where you come in. I want you to send me pictures that you want me to i dont know, lets say, make your moms burning in hell(dont actually). What i will do is render this photo till you are satisfied for free if the outcome is good enough i will post it on the front page of the blog and slap your username onto it. Its a win win situation. So you rub my back and ill suck your dick. (no homo but in the sense that im doing more of the work.) Thanks for reading post up!.-John