Introducing 2KGproductions - A word or two about us

Our story as a film crew of Finnish skiers and snowboarders began during autumn 2008 in Tampere, Finland and has since expanded from “just for fun” to “almost serious” film company. As with most of the film companies, we followed the usual formula: a group of friends from the local ski hill decided to film a movie just for our own viewing pleasure. As “big” as the freeski/snowboard scene in Finland is, it wasn’t long before we’ve found ourselves with not just the local kinds, but bunch of friends from here and there filming with us.

First things first: for us winter sports are not about gold medals, doping, triple corks, fame and chicks (of course with the last two, this is just an excuse for not having those), but having fun with friends on and off the slopes and trying to showcase it to our viewers as good, inspiring way as we can. Our last years movie called ”Fullpipe” ( was a decent success, at least on the Finnish scale, but there’s always things to improve!

This years movie is called El Mahla, available free to watch through the internet at

The movie features skiing and snowboarding from Tommi Niemi, Juuso Pajari, Joonas Liukkonen, Jussi Taavila, Aarni Arajärvi, Mikael Larimo, Elias Markkula, Petja Vuojärvi, JP Kandell, Tommi Koipio, Teemu Hulkkonen, Aaro Korhonen and friends. El Mahla is edited by Elias Markkula and filmed by Elias, Roope Narkilahti and Antti Taavila.

First trailer for upcoming 2KG Productions film, season 0910 from Elias Markkula on Vimeo.

2KG Productions EL Mahla trailer 2010 from Elias Markkula on Vimeo.

Ps. We want to send good vibes and best wishes to Finnish rider Pekka Hyysalo, who hit his head pretty bad during Flatlight Films shoot at Ylläs, Finland last spring and fell into a coma. He’s back on his feet now, but rehab is gonna take a while. Be strong!