First, a Quick Profile:

Name: Szczepan Karpiel

Birthday: 10.12.1989

Hometown: Zakopane || Poland

Home Mountain: Zakopane || Poland

Favorite resort: Dachstein, Hintertux || Austria & Les 2 Alpes || France

Sponsors: Voelkl, Avalaan, Anon/RED, Switch Gloves & Skullcandy

Hobbies: Freeskiing but I like playing volleyball and football too.

Favorite 07' ski: Voelkl for shizzzle, Karma is the shit!

Pets: Shar-Pei Dog called "TaO"

Cor.e: How are you today?

Szczepan: I'm fine Thanks.

Cor.e: What was the last thing you ate?

Szczepan: Spaghetti!

Cor.e: Are you doing well in school? Alot of athletes have trouble with parents in this area.

Szczepan: Yup it's going better

Cor.e: Thats good to hear, Hows the girlfriend?

Szczepan: As usual, perfect!

Cor.e: What a ladies man. When did you first start to get into Freestyle skiing?

Szczepan: Basicly it was about 3 seasons ago. My brother was skiing before so I just

tried to imitate him. Before that I always wanted to do snowblades but he

said freeskiing is better, so I did it.

Cor.e: And boy was he right. Was it hard getting sponsors in Poland?

Szczepan: It is different in Poland. Sponsorship isn't the same

as it is in the west. It's more like "You get 1 pairs of skis, bindings and

one pair of boots. Then you ski for us and remember You won't get anything

more. You want more and you can get another sponsor and remember, you are in Poland so you can just go "F*ckyourself!". That's why I relinquished a sponsor from Poland

and I tried to make it abroad then I got Voelkl (Thx to Schinka, Alex

and Dominiqe). People from west and western companies for example like

voelkl, salomon etc. are interested in sponsoring people from the east

because it's something new and the freeskiing scene is growing there

(In some cases faster than in western countries). They look in to talent from

from Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish riders due to the large amount of riders there that

are good because they've got much better conditions and they are really

crazy.Yet there is still alot of talent in countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Russia

ect. and to them these are exotic countries for them, really interesting. They want to

help us the best they can.

Cor.e: What trick was toughest for you to learn?

Szczepan: Cab spins and right side but I learned them on a bigger kickers right now

so I'm really happy, it's getting better and better.

Cor.e: What are you learning now?

Szczepan: I'm still learning my cab spins but 3 weeks ago I went to Austria so I

learned them on a bigger kickers and with better style. This year I'll try

to focus on those and street rails but of course I won't stop skiing at my

resort because we've got some sick BC there.

Cor.e: Anything up your sleeve for this season?

Szczepan: We'll see (Sinister Grin)

Cor.e: We'll be watching for you. Do you think Europe gets enough attention from the media?

Szczepan: Noooo way! I always thought there was no way to beat Canadians and guys from

States in rail riding and style but as It turned out, guys like Laurent

Favre, Candide Thovex, Jon Olsson, Flo Wieser or Riechie Permin are some of

the sickest guys in the world. These riders are known only from Video

Clips and Photos in States because they aren't there that often but I think it

can change now, we should make Europe a lil' bit more known

Cor.e: Amen, but do you like it that way?

Szczepan: For me it would be cool if people from USA or Canada would know some

sick riders from Europe besides those BIG ones who are skiing in American


Cor.e: Are you planning on entering any competitions in particular this year?

Szczepan: Yeah I really thought about doing some European comps. I know I won't have

any chances to make some good place because i'm to lame.

Cor.e: Modest, but you would get your name out there. Thats a plus, isnt it? Are you traveling any time soon?

Szczepan: I think I'll go to Austria again at the end of december. Mabye Hintertux or

Mayerhofen if there's snow. We will see.

Cor.e: Ok, its word association time, I say a word, and you say the first thing

that pops into your head, ready?

Cor.e: xxxxl

Szczepan: Avalaan Pants (size L)

Cor.e: Hospital

Szczepan: mmmmm broken bones?

Cor.e: No poles

Szczepan: Not jumping but doing rails is sick

Cor.e: Poland

Szczepan: YEAH YEAH YEAH! I'm a patriot!

Cor.e: Acl

Szczepan: Eeeee ??

Cor.e: NS

Szczepan: Sick Shit !

Cor.e: And at last, one final question.Whats your favorite website?

Szczepan: , (again, a sinister grin)

Cor.e: Thank you for letting me do this interview, and for helping people see that europe isnt all old fashoned.

Szczepan: No problem, have a nice day.

And now for some Media:

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Europe,watch for this kid. He will be coming around to your park with some sick moves. US, Hes like a PS3 he will come soon.

Only there are not 400,000 of him in America that the Japanese want back. Watch for my next issue. Interview with Mark Von Roy. NZ's Hottest thing

Since the Kiwi, wait. He is one. PEACE NS!

Random Fact: On the German Autobahn(highway), there are no speed limits. There is a recommended speed of 130 kph, but they will not pull you over unless you are going over 300 kph. Often, street racers will use the autobahn as a track. Yes, its true. No limits. There are also, statistics show, less accidents than on the American highways. All relative of course.