I met Guillaume Beaudoin at Sunday River's College Week. He was there with Bula's JF DuRocher, a common friend of ours, and as the week progressed I found Guillaume was good at partying and snowboarding. Recently he set out a road trip from Montreal to Mammoth and documented some of his travels. Check out the interview and the videos below! -RoggeName: Guillaume BeaudoinAge: more than enoughHometown: montreal & whistlerSponsors: stepchild, 686, bula, adrenaline, bent metal, smith, grenade, believe, Vans guru energy drink!What's up Guillaume? Life is good, but beer is better!How's living the dream? Don’t know yet, we asked those cows and that pigeon and they didn’t answered. How's snowboarding? Swwwweeeeeeeeeeet.I've been watching your video blog on facebook. Pretty cool stuff. Has the road trip been as fun as the videos are making it out to be? Yeah, but not all of them were happy episodes: the episode 3 was the sad episode with that high school musical song haha… But most of the trip was super rad and we enjoyed every part of it…What's the worst part of being on the road? Findind a place to camp in the middle of Iowa.What's the best? It’s sweeeeeeeeet.Any more "gambling" in your future? Hopefully we find some new attraction park to gamble our life and win some more doggies. Why is snowboarding cool? Because Shaun White is cool and we all try to be like Shaun White.How's it feel to be interviewed on a ski site? Ok... here are my feelings: joyous, happy, calm, serenity, proud, courageous, delighted & fortunateWhen are you returning to the east?After that little trip to whistler… 2 or 3 months!Wanna grab a beer? I'll bring the Budweiser. Yaaaah, I heard it’s better than life! HahaClosing Words?Yeahhhh, stay tuned, our trip is about to get gnarly…Check it out on youtube:a guillaume & matts taleor under guillaumewd40! peace!Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7Episode 8