New episode with Lupe Hagearty available now

In this one we talk about Lupe's journey going from a CT kid riding at Ski Sundown to being invited to compete in X Games Real Ski

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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Intro

0:00:35 Getting into skiing from family at Burke

0:04:10 Skiing at Ski Sundown

0:06:35 Origins of 860 Media

0:09:40 Origins of the nickname Lupe

0:10:45 Going to Waterville Academy junior year

0:15:15 Getting on Carinthia Pro Team senior year & Line Full and Tilt Flow

0:19:40 Signing with Nordica

0:26:11 Moving out west, Filming with Tanner

0:33:55 Signing to Planks, Working in the offseason & Staying in Colorado during summer

0:50:40 Reflecting on the 10 Year Street recap

0:54:10 Shred Optics, Going to film street with Tom Wallisch

1:00:35 Getting a ski with Deviation

1:12:10 Inspirations for Voodoo child and Nowhere Now Here

1:21:45 Filming Real Ski and the process

1:37:30 Listener questions

1:54:00 Closing