I got a chance to chat with Ahmet yesterday about his unexpected win of Best Male Performance at IF3 for his Eye Trip segment and this what he had to say.

SH:  How does it feel to win Best Male Performance at IF3?

AD:  It’s one of the best feelings I’ve had in my ski career man. I use to do competitions when i was way younger and do pretty well at those, and you get real excited when you hear your name for winning one, I felt completely like that but twice as stoked to know what I won haha. It was cool.

SH: When did you find out you were nominated?

AD: Ha ha, I found out when I heard my name being called for winning it! I had no idea I was nominated and I didn’t hear my name when they were say who was at the awards, I just was talking to some homies there and next thing I know I heard my name being called for winning that, so that hit me like whoa!

SH: What was your best trip this past season that helped contribute to your segment?

AD: I would say the Finland trip was one of the real shapers of my segment, The rock tranny I was stoked on the year before when we were out there, that thing turned out being pretty fun. It was crazy with that trip, it started with B-Dog, Wallisch, and Hornbeck. B got hurt right in the beginning unfortunately, but i got a call from Berman one night saying this and to get out to Finland, I had no idea how the hell I’d get out there and Berman gave Under Armour one call. Next thing I knew I was on the next day flight to Finland, Big ups to UA for helping me out so much like that.

SH: What are your plans for this coming season to top your eye trip segment?

AD: I just want to try to bring a different type of skiing to the game. Switch ups can only go so far on rails, we need way more creativity, and its the exact same with backcountry, you can only have so many jumps in your segment until it gets a little repetitive, So I guess just get that creativity going everytime I put on skis and try to use my eyeballs to see different things in both.

SH: What are you up to right now?

AD: I’m chilling in the homeland of NY with all the old homies right now, feelin real good, all of them are super proud of me for getting the award, which is cool to make them feel that way ha. Showin my girlie what NY is about, been doin tons of bass fishing, some hiking, getting them legs swoll for the winter, all that good stuff.

SH: Where are you going to be based out of this winter?

AD: Little home called a 4runner ha, I’m going to be based outta whatever parking lot I’m in. Mostly in colorado I reckon, but I’ll try to be all around. Done paying rent, it’s not fun!..

SH: Any last words?

AD: Oh yeah, Thanks to all the people who walked up to me and said they liked my part in Eye Trip, you have no idea how much that stokes me out. Shout to whole ski crew I grew up with in NY, the I Hate NY crew, who all killed it for best webisode, Traveling Circus, stoked on all them doods and I would honestly like to thank all my sponsors, Under Armour, who has been a huge support for me and never lets me down, the gear is real sick everyones gotta get some. Volkl skis kills it with making the illest skis, Spy Optics, Full tilt Boots, Tall Tee Productions, and lastly keep your eyes open for Biru energy tea, A buddy of mine is making this, tastes way better than any energy drink youve had guranteed, itll be out this year and i should have plenty so if anyone sees me at the mountain just ask to try.