With nothing on the wire today (except it is actually snowing!) there is no better time to remind everyone about all the social media platforms we participate in here at Saga. We will start with the classic, Facebook. On our fan page you will find a daily feed of of anything we deem worthy. Seriously though, the Saga fan page is where we launch most of our major contests and announcements directly from the Saga Blog.Along with tagging your faces in photos and going to the beginning of your timeline to see what a nerd you were 5 years ago, there is our Twitter page. Twitter has taken an unusual turn for me personally, what once was fun to see what all your friends are doing in a short update, now has me coming to the realization that normal people can only be so interesting (myself included). I exclusively use Twitter now to live vicariously through famous rappers and popular streetwear brands (oh yea, that stuff they call news is on there too).My favorite Social media platform hands down is Instagram (I just say that so you know I have an Iphone). A picture says 1000 words which is a great replacement for a 180 characters of who cares. Your friends are already on there posting pictures and you probably never thought they had and eye for #Iphonography. Instagram is also another great place to live vicariously through the lens of famous rappers and celebrity types, because I do care about what Eric Koston’s lunch looks like through the “Rise” filter.Last but not least there is Tumblr. My vote is still out on this one. On the one hand there is a lot of inspiring images that cycle through thousands of blogs with the simple re-blog option on every post. But really how many soft focused photos of beautiful woman and animated gif’s can we look at without it becoming yesterday’s news (gotcha, answer is NEVER!). In all honesty though this is a modern day form of digital collaging (genius). You don’t have to own any original content, you simply have to click and re-blog what thousands of other people have already posted before you. The best collage wins.If you interested in following the #SagaFam that’s on Twitter: Saga- @SagaOuterwear Tim Durtschi- @TimDurtschi Wiley Miller- @WileyMiller Collin Collins- @CollinCollins Steve Stepp- @SteveSStepp Corbin Clement- @CorboneClement Erica Durtschi- @EricaDurtschi JERM- @jermpaquetteNotable Instargramists: SagaOuterwear- Burgers and Fries SagaSuppliersW- In store feed from Saga HQ. durellish- Rides a snowboard and looks cool while doing it. blaaatt- Snowboard photographer see his work in TWS along with many more. erikseo- Ski photographer and good friend, almost as angry as I am. alexobrien- Another ski photog that calls the world his home. pfujas- Aside from being an OG pro skier, he can usually be found in a scenic location. annaborgman- Lives life. buhhhlake- Saga photo intern and professional skier, she the boss. cchasey- Bad bitch’n it in Portland. TimDurtschi- Athlete with no regard for other peoples personal space. ClassicAustin- I’ll let you figure this one out. andymallett- Between traveling to Asia and holding doen Saga HQ he finds time to do some gram’n SeanHarkins- The shark. AngryJordan- This is my personal feed and if you think this is self promotion just wait until you see the pictures.