Extra! Extra! Read all about it! 10:50 PM. I was just told by what I can only assume was an 18 year old freshman, to leave the library because it's closing (asshole). I've spent an entire day in the library, attending two classes, and pulling my hair out. Why? To help bring you some of the greatest ski content available on the internet (translation - I can't wait to graduate and get a real job...)My morning started out with a quick recap of the 382 Weekend. I like to place events in chronological order so I never miss an important happening over the weekend. Important stuff like Bishop singing the Backstreet Boys* will never be left on my editing room floor. *He only chose Backstreet Boys because the DJ didn't have the right New Kids on the Block song.Next I received an unexpected phone call from Schmuck via Skype. We discussed some house cleaning, invoices, and the super secret story I've been mentioning in blog entries past. Stay tuned (I'm still not sure why I say that. If you're reading this you obviously spend way too much time on NS and will be here whether I ask you to or not). After a lengthy conversation discussing an awesome party Schmuck attended at JOSS and all the hot girls he hangs out with while I'm asleep at night with nightmares of the growing pile of work on my desk/floor/life, it was back to work.After the phone call which left me mouthing the words, "Son-of-a-bitch" in jealousy, I called Bishop at the office for more house cleaning stuff. However when I call Bishop for those quick 2 minute chats, 90% of the time we end up on a 45 minute tangent that can involve such topics as paying me more money to inside ski industry rumors (these are overblown and can find most of them in the forums, you're not missing much) to retards in wheelchairs singing on foreign American Idol knock off shows. All business when working for NS folks... strictly business. Then it was onto a plethora (great word) of emails to several people involved with the 382 events. Everyone from photographers, videographers, and event coordinators are emailed in order to lock down photos, videos, score sheets, and to give the thanks they deserve This is no joke. Planning events can sometimes be a no thank job. Be sure to hug the people that put these things on. Just don't tell them I told you to. On second thought, buy them a beer. That's less creepy. Next it was to the library to finish writing the story in its entirety and send it over to Schmuck. Here's my claim to fame - Schmuck rarely edits my stories because they're so rock solid with grammar, punctuation, and lame analogies (wait till you read the one from the 382 article). A professor once told me to picture my audience in my head when writing so when writing stories for NS I usually picture an audience filled with 15 year olds wearing baggy clothes, saying "fuck" and "queer" way too much, and hitting on girls twice their age. I understand that's not the majority of NS but it works so I'm going with it. Sorry (not really). After the library it was onto two classes. College is college. Classes are classes. (fill in whatever college class stereotype your heart desires here)During the last fifteen minutes of my class, my phone started vibrating, and I realized from the weird numbers it was Schmuck calling me back from Are! "Fuck!" I said to myself much louder than I had intended causing everyone to turn and look at me as I scurried with my notebook and book bag, leaving the class. When I got outside the class to answer, Schmuck had already hung up. Just my luck. Next it was photo selection time. After finding the photographer with the best shots, it was time to select the photos that would go to print...er...web? I still haven't found a good term for the final version of a story that ends up on the front page. Post? Everyone can post. Dan Brown (photog) and I played phone and email tag all day long finding the photos that best complimented the story. After a few changes to the story and some tweaking of the photos, the story was coming together nicely. Schmuck called back and again we discussed super secret story that's coming up shortly (that's twice I've mentioned it. Let's see if I can get one more in before I finish this entry). Good news! What was originally going to be an awesome story became an even greater story thanks to Schmuck providing some key information. He's good at that kind of thing. You know the kind of guy that can make a dollar out of fifteen cents? That's Schmuck (and a dollar fifteen is pretty close to my wages). He then went into another amazing party story leading me to my second, "Son-of-a-bitch" mouthing of the day. Schmuck's good at that too. *If Schmuck reads this he'll mouth to himself "Sorry for partying Rogge." I guarantee itAfter the Schmuck talk, I took a nice 30 minute break by taking my dog to the park. She went swimming today, rolled in the mud, hopped in my Jeep making it a muddy mess. Awesome.After the break it was back to work in the library for some awesome resume stuff. I applied for two potentially uber cool jobs today. Hopefully I'll hear back soon. Then it was onto bullshit homework, etc, etc.......to be honest I had originally planned to make this a little longer and more in depth but I've been completely run out of steam and there's a great South Park on about Canada going on strike because they want more money from the internet. This is almost too good to be true. I'm going to pretend all the Canadians are Bishop because it makes it that much funnier.Enjoy the story. You can find it by going to the home page, clicking on the 382 story, and claiming what number you were to read it in the comment section.Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow, eh?-RoggeABOUT THE AUTHORMike Rogge is a freelance writer and college student. In his spare time he enjoys writing silly blogs, collecting coins, picking berries, playing on the internet, and hyping up super secret stories. He lives in upstate New York with his two year old black lab.