I recently sat down and interviewd Corey Maggliozzi about his production comapny

Brian Landrigan: Tell us about Innervision Films

Corey Mag: Inner Vision Films, originally started as just a small project of mine which expanded into something much bigger. I started out making short edits and soon made a few important connections which lead to this seasons first film, Bred Up N' Buttered.

Brian Landrigan: What is your film from this year?

Corey Mag: With a lot of thinking and some creative inspiration from Brady Perron we decided to name this season film Bred Up N' Buttered. B.U.N.B. will feature some of the best groms across the US.

Brian Landrigan: Whos riding in it?

Corey Mag: The line up for the movie is pretty stacked. Alex Schlopy, Colby Albino, Brandon Lewis, Walter Wood, Brady Magliozzi, Ty Maras, Brady Perron, Kirtsen Nelson, and the Wells brothers (Jossi, Byron, and Beau James)

Brian Landrigan: Do you plan on filming with groms again this season, or filming with older talent?

Corey Mag: I plan to mainly film with the younger riders again this season. First, there fun to work with and they don't give up after they eat shit multiple times in a row. The other reason I spend a good amount of time filming with them is because I do some of the filming for Kids Who Rip. (http://www.kidswhorip.com) I hope to work with more east coast talent this season as well.

Brian Landrigan: Do you ever find trouble with their Maturity Level?

Corey Mag: Yeah, most of the time there acting like idiots. Its easy to bribe them. The majority of the riders act pretty mature when were filming though. Theres a few who are real hard to work with.

Brian Landrigan: Where do you plan on filming this year?

Corey Mag: I've got big plans for this season. We've already started shooting some urban. There is a lot of traveling planned. I'm going to spend a few weeks between Utah and Colorado. There will be a lot of east coast shots as well.

Brian Landrigan: Who are your favourite riders to film with?

Corey Mag: Theres two riders I like to film with the most. Brady Perron and Beau James Wells. Bradys got amazing style and is up for trying anything. You will so some creative shots in his segment. Beau James Wells is nuts. He is the youngest rider I film with and hands down the most fun. I leave it up to him to try anything.

Beau is the only 8 year old I know that is hitting rail gaps.

Brian Landrigan: What should we expect to see on your website release?

8:30 PM

Corey Mag: When the site drops, you can expect to see weekly updates, videos, photos and rider input up there. I'm working with an extremely talented guy on the site. Matt Ciampa (http://www.mattciampadesigns.com)

The site will be online and running within the next two weeks. You can check it out at http://www.innervisionfilms.net

Brian Landrigan: How and when is the move being released?

Corey Mag: The plan for Bred Up N' Buttered is to be released by thanksgiving. The movie will be available free to download through the website and will be playing on http://www.freeskier.tv.

Corey Mag: ill just give some shout outs

Brian Landrigan: Do you have any last shout outs you'd like to give

Corey Mag: Special thanks to Wachusett Mountain for all there support. Deject Clothing, Pangea Headwear, Matt Ciampa, Kerry Miller, Dave Amirault, and anyone else who has help out along the way.

watch the trailer! http://media.putfile.com/Bred-Up-N-Buttered