Pro rollerblader Chris Haffey on skiing:"Skiing. Well I have always wanted to get up to the snow and try to snowboard or ski, but i never got around to it. Thanks to Felix and Kato (Remz) the opportunity presented itself and I couldnt pass it up.The first time I went up, and tried to go down the bunny hill I thought I should just give up right then. I couldnt make it 20 feet without falling over. With a little help from Jon Elliott explaining the technique, I got a little better... but still at that point I never thought I would be able to grind anything or hit any type of jump... let alone spin over it.Fast foward to Mammoth... we had an awesome time up there skiing with JF, LP, and Jeff. Shima started to spin over things so I started trying too. Fast forward a few more weeks, and a couple season passes to Bear and I am loving it. Its become like rollerblading only faster and bigger. The tricks started to translate really quickly as soon as we got used to spinning. As for the style and what not, I might not have the best... or any at all for that matter, but I dont really care, cause im having a shitload of fun. So I dont know... thanks again Felix for opening up this world to me... I cant get enough of it. by the way... I still love rollerblading. Haha! In fact, since I started skiing I have been having a lot more fun everytime I go skate. Im not really sure might be because im skiing so much that when I go skate its because I really want to go skate, and not just using it as something to do. So if anyone was worried Im going to abandon rollerblading, there is no chance that will ever happen."Click here to see the original Inline in Mammoth article.

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