We with all play the family together, is sharing World of Warcraft Power Leveling each precious recollection. When first time steps into Zen the Russ world for it beautiful and magnificent move, when fights side-by-side with the friends, accompanies the risk is enjoying the inexhaustible pleasure, in first saw king of the flame from the rock magma which soars to the heavens when this present existence feels incomparable shocking, when gate of World of Warcraft Power Leveling the opens loudly excited extremely, after defeating Ely Dan is excited all night sleeps. We to be also same difficultly with everybody, in this soon must wave goodbye in the day, felt that is reluctant to part from and is moved. Although it is only a section of game, but it to played the families, is another world which for several year time paid attention and worries; To us, the operation similarly also already is not a work, but is one is worth the dream which exchanges with the youth. WoW Power leveling in these four years, we have had many proud recollections, also has had many not entirely as desired regrets, for this reason we express the sincere apology. Here, the ninth city thanked everybody heartfelt in the past's four years to the affection and the support, needed to thank everybody heartfelt .the operation team urge on, the back coupling to the ninth city and encourage.