I groaned by a noise this morning… The coffe-maker… Backe is up! Allready? 06.40???!?!?!  Yes, rise and shine cowboy, shred is on, bluebird in Breck! My mega-monster-cup of coffe this morning was not enough to wake me up. Had to take one to go, to bring on the bus. Stoked!

We forgot, Saturday in Breck is crowded like a bag of sheeps. Lift-quing didn’t stop us from skiing, that’s for sure.

Freeway (Big jump line) in Breck. We stood ready to drop in at 09.10 AM this morning. What a feeling! Cold, freshly groomed, hard snow, good speed. Good times!

We had  12 runs in Freeway I think, before the lift-lines were killing us. Also, it was time for us to take the 1.00 PM bus. X-games ski slopestyle aired at 2.30 on ESPN. So stoked to watch it, Bobby Brown killed it AGAIN, after yesterdays insane skiing he continued surprising with his perfection. Håtveit took 2nd, and I am soo stoked for him!

Backe on the other hand, has magic fingers.. or something?

I got to throw down a few switch 10’s I was stoked on today, I just have to push it through, to trick my mind to believe it’s easy. After some time I hope this will make big tricks easier to do anytime.

Waiting for the bus, every day all day.. Or so it feels like.

Breckenridge resort.

Paul, the hotel-manager made us eggs for lunch again, WOW. Sooo good, thanks!

After watching the slopestyle, Me and Anders went to Breckenridge Rec-center to lift some iron. Gotta stay in shape, even though the ski-season is on. After this weeks two hard crashes, I am more than happy to work out to be better prepared for crashes. It seems to work.

Rec-center was good, and we went out for a beer and burger on a local bar in Frisco, while watching the Snowboard big-air in X-games. This day was a blast, but I am pretty tired. Gotta jump in the sack and get ready for shred. See ya all, S.