So I just returned from my first trip of the year, and thought I might share…

I moved out to Seattle for the winter, got out here and the winter wasn’t really happening, so after a call from a friend I was on my way down to Silverton, CO and eighty some inches of recent snow.


The next day the sun came out for some touring up on Red Mountain pass

Avy danger was pretty high, but we found a nice little rock to play around with in a pretty safe zone.

After a few days in the San Juans, I made it back to Breckenridge to kick it with fellow Liberty Team Rider David Lesh for a bit.   After a few runs Christmas day, we feasted on a huge turkey dinner at his pad.  We ate like kings and learned many important things about turkeys.  For instance

They can fly 55 miles an hour

A mature turkey has between 20-30000 feathers.

A group of turkeys is considered a rafter.

They have both snoods and wattles.

We also learned that Lesh used to have a pet duck that he named Quackles.

We also skied some park with Liberty Team Riders Graham Owen and Mike Hornbeck

Liberty Team Rider David Lesh, Photo: Alex Applegate

Liberty Team Rider Graham Owen shows off for the lift. Photo: Alex Applegate

David Lesh Nosepress Photo: Alex Applegate

Lesh and I then packed up his car and headed out to Utah embarking on our little four states four ski areas five day adventure.  Rolled into Salt Lake real late, hardly slept due to an vengeful little cat and somebody audibly vomiting all night, and was up at Brighton at eight for early chair.   They opened milli bowl for the first time, it was sweet!

David Lesh Airing it out. Photo: Alex Applegate

Lesh getting fresh tracks all day! Photo: Alex Applegate

After skiing we set off for Hood.  We almost ran out of gas, had to draft a semi and drive like 55mph to make it to a fill up.  Then we actually did run out of gas.

Lesh watches Donnie Darko while sitting in the car, out of gas. Photo: Alex Applegate

Eventually made it to hood, skied  a pretty sweet day and then rain moved us on to Washington.  Alpental and Baker proved to be super sweet!

Lesh Gets Deep Photo: Alex Applegate

Lesh Again, Deeper Photo: Alex Applegate

Here I get into some deep, tight trees.

I found some even deeper!

After that we headed back to Seattle, I was again home, and Lesh was on his way back to Utah and on to Colorado.  He also again nearly ran out of gas, drove 50mph for over 40 miles where the speed limit was 75, but apparently made it, or so I heard. I was skiing Mt Baker.  All photographs ©Alex Applegate