The image we have today if of Bobby, hitting a log in the middle of July!?

 Some of you may say "where am I going to get to shoot snowboarding in July", and that's a good point.  But in the image breakdown series we share how we build up on an image and how we find solutions for different photography "problems".We found this small patch of snow in the middle of a grass filed.  It is actually on a mountain and more specifically it is where the terrain park was.  Features like huge jumps and half-pipes are made out of tremendous amounts of snow.  So if the summer is not the hottest and the winter was long a you can find many of these patches( at least around Colorado).  When you get to unique spot like this, immediately you get hit by thousands of cool ideas.  There was a spot where all the water from the snow melt goes underneath the snow and it looked like a little cave.  We thought it could be pretty cool if we create a shot that looks like someone has lifted the snow just like a carpet and you can see the grass underneath.One of the  "problems" is that the sun was setting right into the lens.  So to get well exposed Bobby we had to use descent amount of flash power.  For this shot two AB1600s, we placed on both sides of the log se we can achiev a cross lighting effect.  Another "problem" is that we have a really wide angle shot, so the flashes had to be pretty far away from him.  This made the light more even and the cross lighting effect not as prominent, also more flash power was required.On other had with 640Ws(2xAB1600@1/2 power setting) on Bobby and sun in front of the lens the little ice/grass cave was completely dark.  580EX II was placed to the right, an it was pretty far so it doesn't create a hot spot inside the "cave".  Since the sun was setting behind the hill, the light was really nice and warm.  To match the lighting inside the cave 1/4 cut of CTO( Mr. David Hobby – Stobist has great tips on using the correct gels in different situations) was placed on the 580.This is it, we hope that you are going to get you better understanding of how specific images are built.  They key to getting better and perfectin your images is in all the small details.  Feel free to ask question and comment.