Finally, a website that I… Err, umm, I mean YOU can relate to!

Here’s a gem.

I was in grade seven (I was a pretty big vixen back then), anyway me and my boyfriend had discussed the idea of doing the nasty after school one day. I told him to meet me at my place around five o’clock, the dude was excited as hell to lose his virginity, and I was just sort of excited to lose mine to him. I  really thought he was in incredible guy. Anyway, five o’clock rolls a round and he doesn’t show up, I wait, and wait… he never shows. Later that night I call him at his house and ask why he didn’t show up, his response will cripple my ego until the day I die, he said, “Sorry, Dave (his friend) just got a first edition Zapdos card and I had to go see it.” A Pokemon card, access to my vagina was less valuable to him than a Pokemon card. I’m so bad at sex.