‘Illuminati’ Add to the Legend of RED Mountain

Fueled by 30cm of late-season powder, the second annual Gathering at RED Mountain closed out the BC winter season with inspiring presentations by Powder Magazine’s hottest photographers and other image-makers – the ‘Illuminati’ of the ski world. Last year’s Gathering was a spontaneous get-together of long-time friends, but this year’s lensmen stepped things up a notch with top-shelf presentations before spell bound audiences from Canada, USA, Europe, and Australia.

Highlights of the two evenings’ presentations included:

*Wade McKoy set the scene behind some of his classic Jackson Hole shots.

*Ace Kvale mesmerized the audience with images from his recent humanitarian efforts in Southeast Asia and Africa

*The North Face skier Kasha Rigby showcased soulful moments of her many expeditions through the Himalayas.

*The youngblood of the group, Vancouver’s Jordan Manley brought focus to why BC is an epicenter of mountain experience.

*SLC-based Erik Seo explained the intricate staging and patience required to get those innovative new-school shots.

*John Falkiner and Mark Shapiro gave a glimpse into the unexpected world of ski touring in Lebanon.

*As ye olde grand finale, Dave Heath rounded up antique gear and apparel from Rossland garages and threw down a sepia-toned slide show of modern-day ski pioneers.

Among ski world insiders, no spot is better loved than Rafters Pub on the top floor of the RED Mountain Lodge, and it hosted multiple impromptu jam sessions with local music talent and the presenters throughout the festivities.

“We’re excited to have launched “The Gathering II” with Powder Magazine an event that brings skiers from all over the world to experience the amazing culture and natural resources of our area. We look forward to building upon this years’ success with new ideas and activities for next year. Our goal is that The Gathering will grow to become one of the unique focal points of the season for the ski world,” said Howard Katkov, CEO of Red Mountain Resort.

The Gathering at RED Mountain will be back in 2011 with exclusive workshop sessions for the public to learn from and interact with the ski industry’s “Illuminati”. For more information, visit http://www.thegatheringatred.com.