Hello friends and supporters of Line and Hunting Yeti.  Ike Smith here

to fill you in on the travels of the Nimbus crew in the last month.  I

know some of you are getting worried that winter is nearing its end,

but rest assured we are on the hunt for that cold, fluffy white stuff

(as well as the Yeti) and mother nature has been blessing us with

plenty.  Went up to British Columbia for the first half of February and

arrived to low elevation snow and plenty of it.  Only problem was we

couldn't tell where we were going for the first week or so as it kept

dumping and dumping.  Of course that is nothing to complain about

right?  Once the skies miraculously cleared I learned how to ride my

snowmobile real quick, it was either that or wait at the bottom for

everyone to be done for the day, B.C. is the real deal.  All you need

is a couple sunny days with the right conditions up there to make your

life complete if you're a skier, now I see why some guys hang out there

all winter and always have some amazing shots.  Anyways, the crew

killed it, and we headed home driving through the night to rest up for

a few days before heading to California which had been getting dumped

on the last week we were in whistler.

So we arrived in California during the last week of February, and it

was nice to have some guaranteed sunshine with new snow!  That means we

can get a lot of good skiing in a short amount of time right? Well, if

we could get to any of the spots that were skiable we would have been

stoked.  Unfortunately we spent the first two days breaking trail

through 4 feet of the lightest snow ever, getting our sleds stuck every

200 feet on average.  When you're going 20 miles in that gets pretty

tiring really quick.  Once we had a trail in, things were looking up,

we had Chris Benchetler with us on the first jump day (broken clavicle

and all) who knows this place like the back of his hand.  He showed us

some quick easy jump builds and we started Producing!  Ya!  So all in

all, the trip turned out a success, everyone got some shots, played

some slots (we were staying on the good side of the Nevada border) and

went home with a sunburn and a smile on there face.  Enjoy the photos

and don't forget to tune into rip.tv/nimbusindependent on April 15 for

the live version, download the HD!  Over and out. -Ike