For some reason, as I vacuumed the upstairs, I thought about what would happen if my house burned down and I could only save a few things.  10 seemed like too little, so although less realistic, I settled on 25 things to save...what would they be?  They don't really have to be realistic things (who could rescue a refrigerator from a burning house?) but things that really matter to you.  The point of this is to find out what possesions really are important to you.

Note: If you say "Computer" or "Camera" it includes all the games/programs and lenses and whatnot...just to make it easier...

Note #2: Family and people and pets don't count.

1. Skis - I have only 1 "good" pair.  Includes poles

2. Ski Boots

3. 1 set of outerwear

4. Goggles

5. Helmet

6. Video Camera!

7. Computer

8. Crochet Hook

9. Ipod

10. My bed!  Includes down comforter.

11. The car...yup.

12. The blankets in our basement that are very snuggly

13. Electric Razor

14. Family pictures on the mantel...

15. Bandannas

16. My PCC tee.

17. Hoodie #1: CLH

18. Hoodie #2: Matix

19. Sticker Collection

20. Ski Movies

21. The stack of books I bought for a $1 each and haven't read yet.

22. The Freeskier Buyer's Guide

23. Cell phone - its deisel

24. The unopened Black Raspberry ice cream...shit's good

25. My school stuff; I don't love it, but I guess I need it

and then, breaking the rules

26. Memories.  Probably the most important thing to take away, although not tangible

Anyways, I started slowing down at about 15.  This is actually kind of cool, I have to think!  Hopefully it has the same effect on you guys. 

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!