So after a couple weeks of hangin with Durtschi in Bozeman, we headed down to Brundage Idaho to get some more shots. Ross and I stayed at the Becker residence for a couple of days. They were very hospitable and I had a grand ol' time staying there! Brandon took us out on the sleds near Brundage, and I must say...this place is awesome! Its fun in a different sense because they dont have huge mountains, but rather super playful zones. After Brundage we made our way up to Silver Mountain for an event called Silver Sessions. Once again I met up with Collins and the rest of the 4bi9 homies. The event itself turned out to be the biggest joke ever. The features were below sub-par and everything in general was unorganized. On the plus side however, we got put up in one of the nicest hotels ive ever stayed at that included a full on indoor water park. After about a day, everyone ended up leaving and i caught a ride with Sir. Blake Nyman back to Bozeman. Lesson learned.....

Road Gap in Brundage
I did a helicopter
My new hair-do a.k.a the mushroom