So here’s the deal... Icer-Air is right around the corner on the 2nd & 3rd of November. Hope to see you guys out there, it's gonna be wicked pisser! Skiing, skateboarding, good music, Giants Stadium, and snow in San Francisco: not your every day gig. Anyway, Icer approached a couple of friends and I to do a promotional rail-jam for Icer-air in front of this bangin night club called "Ruby Skye" in downtown SF. it was great!! Tons of heads showed up to check out this bizarre set up, along with some "crispy critters" crawling out of the alleys of the surrounding streets. We made the trek from Tahoe that morning, not really having any clue what was in store for us. We got to SF and immediately got lost. It was horrid! We drove around in circles for hours trying to get to the 101 north to get to Jason’s uncle’s. Little did we know his uncle’s house was only ten blocks from our location. Stoked! We hung out for a bit, put a couple fun sodas down and then made our journey to the office, so we got lost again. One way streets are a bitch! After driving around for a half hour we found a couple of SF police officers, they led us right there with their perfect directions. PROTECT AND SERVE!! We finally got there and we were greeted with a bag of goodies and a couple of delicious pizza pies. That’s some hospitality. We made our way over to the event and it was on like Donkey Kong from there. The set up was this eight-foot drop-in on this trailer packed with ice that they had gotten from the wharf. Yep, the same stuff they pack around your sushi. The rail was a twenty-foot shotgun, nothing special but really a good time besides the cement landing, Hell I needed a stone grind anyhow. The event was solid, everybody was stoked on it, and we had a good turn out. We did our job, now it’s up to you guys to show up at the event this weekend. After that it was "party time" Whooooo, V.I.P. access was great, they had tables of food for us, free drinks, birds eye view over the stage of some killer dudes playing conga drums in this sick band. I had a great time. Here are some photos of the event, no party photos though.