A quick look at Icelantic's new lineup for all those wanting to check out the 2014 madness. Parr stopped painting and now is doing incredible sculptures so that is what is on the skis for next year and those of you who didn't like the top sheets from this season are going to fall in love all over again. It looks pretty badass and they added four skis dubbed the skny series. 20 mm cut off the waist of the Pilgrim, RKR, Shaman, and Scout. The skny will have the same graphic as the original model.

It was incredible seeing all of Travis Parr's original sculptures used for the inspiration of the 2014 lineup on display with the skis and Giclee art prints at SIA. They even went as far as putting the Fighting Fish in their respective bowls for one of the pieces. The booth looked better than ever.

Last, the ST1 and ST2 have been redesigned and if you haven't put one of those boots on your foot yet, do yourself a favor and try them on. Hands down the best boot I have ever boot on my foot and I have had everything from Boot Doctor Customs to Dalbello Kryptons and these destroy all of them. Might just be my foot, but I'm in love. Say what you want about Intuition liners, I'll take the DFP liners any day of the week. Their boots do come with a Booster strap attached by the way and they added Vibram soles this year, which can still be used with regular alpine bindings as well as add an inch or two to the liner itself extending upward, all metal rivets, and added a model . . . the STF Freestyle boot. A little softer with a DFP comfort liner. As far as weight, these boots are lighter than any other alpine boot out there and you shave off 15mm from your boot sole length you would normally be in. Can't say enough good things about these boots. Find whomever sells them in your area and if they don't sell them, demand that they do.

FYI - the Res on these images isn't the greatest. I should have higher res images by next week though. This will at least give you a taste of the new cosmetics.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of winter. How dope is that new RKR, that ski is the shiiii