Member Review:

When you look at the Nomad 125 you'll probably see a fat ass ski with full reverse camber, soft(er) flex, and think "No". Well hear me out. The 125s are one of the most versatile fat skis I've ever ridden.The ice days were not good ill admit, though for a 125 waisted ski, they roll over on edge super easily (thanks to the reverse camber) and grab the snow super well. Since its full rocker, the underfoot engages before the tip and tail contact points allowing for quick little turns when needed but roll over onto that deeper edge for longer, more engaged turns. When grabbing ice, I had to do a lot of little turns because when i got to the point in a carve where I could reach out and touch the snow with my hand, the skis would wash out on me but mind you, this is east coast ice style. On regular groomers, however, I can engage enough edge to put my full forearm on the snow and have no worries of washing out or eating it. - Zypher

Characteristics: Poppy, Surfy, Grippy

Manufacturer's Description:

The Nomad 125 is a fully rockered POW slayer! Designed with a full rockered profile that matches the radius of the sidecut, the Nomad 125 is perfect for hitting pillow lines, and bounding through untouched pow but transforms into a carving machine when rolled on edge See why all of our athletes love this ski and get on a pair!

Sizes: 170, 180, 190 CM

Dimensions: 152 / 125 / 148 MM

Radius: 19-25 M