Member Review:

The 115s have a surprisingly playful nature for a ski of their size. To compare to a well known ski, they're a more slashy, pivoty, and poppy version of the Moment Bibby Pro. Now, I know that the Bibby is regarded as one of the greatest skis period so I'm sorry if I offended anybody but as soon as I went through Red Chair at Mt Bachelor on the 115s, I was in love. Like the Bibby, they bust through all the tracked out shit effortlessly but once you got to an open powderfield, pillow line, or tight tree spot; they preformed exactly how you would want to no matter what you throw at them. I can honestly say that they're more nimble than my Venors in the trees and wayyy more fun than my JJ's in the deeper stuff. Not to mention, I found them to be a bit more buttery than the 105s but still had the same if not better carving capabilities as the 105s on the groomers. - Zypher

Characteristics: Stable, Playful, Fun

Manufacturer's Description:

The new beefed up Nomad 115 is a big mountain freeride ski. The additional girth underfoot gives the Nomad 115 the solid platform needed to float in the deepest pow and conquer the biggest lines. If you are looking for a ski with big mountain performance in a wide, playful shape, the Nomad 115 is the ski for you!

Sizes: 171, 181, 191 CM

Dimensions: 150 / 115 / 140 MM

Radius: 16-22 M