While filming for Teton Gravity Research's 2015 Film, Paradise Waits, 34 year-old skier Ian McIntosh suffered a 1,600 foot fall in the Neacola Range of Alaska. TGR Co- Founder Todd Jones describes McIntosh's fall as "the most terrifying crash I've ever seen". Near the top of the line, McIntosh fell into a five foot trench, sending him into a long tumbling ride down.

There's nothing more entertaining than mainstream media covering skiing, and the crash landed McIntosh an interview on Good Morning America. He told GMA, "It felt like an eternity, I never thought it was going to stop." McIntosh continued, "It felt like I was getting hit by linebackers."

McIntosh reported that mid-fall, he pulled his airbag, which prevented him from suffering any trauma injuries. Ian survived the fall without a scratch and was back on skis two days later. Check out his part in Paradise Waits, available now.