We are extremely excited to be chosen as a finalist for the Volvo

Sports Design Forum 08, Eco-Design Awards. Liberty has taken greater

notice of our impact on the environment and we are very proud to have

our skis selected for this award.

"The Volvo SportsDesign Forum was opened by Andrej Kupetz, CEO

of the German Design Council. Kupetz's paper on the background,

history, potential and challenges of Personal Design addressed the

latest and most exciting trends in international design: products are

being individually tailored to the wishes and needs of each individual

consumer - but nevertheless manufactured on an industrial scale.

"EcoDesign systematically brings ecological factors into play at the

earliest stages of the product planning, development and design

process. This ensures environmental factors are considered alongside

classic product development criteria such as profitability, safety,

dependability, ergonomics, technical feasibility and, of course,


Ecofriendly doesn't have to mean ugly: Good design is one of

the keys to bringing together ecology and the economy. This leads to

products, systems, infrastructure and services that serve their purpose

while requiring a minimum of resources, energy and space. It also

reduces waste and the use and emission of hazardous substances. An

ecofriendly approach embraces the complete lifecycle of a product."