At 12:30 PST today, the IOC Executive Board voted to include Skiing Slopestyle (along with Snowboard Slopestyle) for incluision within the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. The decision comes from Durban, South Africa where the IOC EB Board is meeting.

The announcement comes highly anticipated, hot on the heels of Ski Superpipe’s inclusion into the 2014 Games, on April 6th of this year. After a delay of nearly three months, the decision comes as a momentous announcement for both the ski and snowboard communities.

While bigger questions will loom on the horizons, like those of FIS involvment with the sport of slopestyle and greater international ogranization of the sport to become Olympic ready, today can be savored as a victorious day. After countless hours of lobbying and hard work from a number of organizations and individuals, their dream is finally coming to fruition.