Wow, IF3 was an experience for sure. Athan and I traveled to Montreal for IF3 and expected to get our show to a larger and a more jib/jump/park oriented crowd, but not much beyond that. During the final evening of the festival, the Newschoolers Awards were given out. We were extremely stoked to be awarded ‘Best Big Mountain Movie’ in the Open category. The nominees were: our movie, MSP’s The Way I See it, and PBP’s Revolver. To beat out MSP and PoorBoyz who both have some rather large budgets and our film shot and produced out of our pockets, feels pretty damn good.

We have been formulating plans for future projects and having won this award will hopefully help some sponsors realize what we can do and jump onboard. If you are a company interested in working with Dendrite Studios as we continue into the future creating films that are unique and real, please give us a call.

see ya