I'm a little bit recovered here, but still deep on the IF3 bender after my first drink at 12 while watching The Coterie's new film We Trust Your Judgement, which I briefly reviewed here: https://www.newschoolers.com/news/read/The-Coterie-Trust-Judgement-Review

The day progressed with a bunch more films, and partying, to come. Make sure to follow along on the Newschoolers Snapchat NS_com.


Kye and Inspired have put together a nice little film that will be coming out for free and be shown on the Inspired Media tour.

Kye is a skier who I've grown up watching, and this 15 minute film is more of the same great action. Personal projects are huge this year at IF3 and have been becoming even more popular in recent years. This project brings a ton of shots of Kye and Friends ripping in Alaska and BC.

A trip to the Waddington range in BC provided some unreal, fully gripped, coulior skiing, of which Kye said was "probably the steepest line I've ever skied in my life."