Full house

IF3 London went off last week. It’s a world apart from the Montreal version but no less fun for its differences. Pretty much everybody knows each other because the ski scene here is so tight knit. It’s basically a big fuckoff party with all your friends… and Londoners really do know how to party, fun was had.

The night started off with the films. First on show was Ross Welch’s UK banger Misconceptions, featuring a standout Urban part from Mike Rowlands and Tyler Harding, who despite being stuck on the comp scene much of the winter, went hard in the streets. The Tell A Friend Tour was in town so Andy Parry, Will Wesson and Sami Ortlieb got up on stage to introduce the first Traveling Circus mini-movie Fried Ice. They also stuck around to sign posters and draw on fans. Other films on show were Next Generation Media’s ‘Ticking Bomb’, Kye Petersen’s absolute mindfuck ‘In Search’ and Legs Of Steel to round out the night.

This is how you pro...

But as you know, the movies only play a warm up role at IF3. And London’s big win over Montreal is that the party happens in the cinema itself. The seats magically disappear, beer pong tables rise from their ashes and a seamless transition from audience to shambles takes place.

Cinema seating makes way for a beer pong tournament

At this point the night blurs into a dreamlike haze of wayward ping pong balls, attempts to gain free alcohol and getting buck to some questionable charthop. The Tell A Friend Tour’s ride home on a night bus was certainly fraught with dashes to procure worrying to recall kebabs and adventurous trips to piss. One terrible pissing decision caused Line UK MC and TAFT Van Driver Tom Coe (far right in the picture) to get off the bus in the middle of London at 3am with no clue where his end destination was and proceed to take a further two hours to walk home.

Big red bus, gang signs and soon to disappear crew members

And so IF3 London wrapped up for another year. The struggle to ski the last stop of the Tell A Friend Tour at The Snow Centre the next day was oh so real. Shoutout to SubZero Events for putting this thing together and Snowhoes, Newschoolers and the rest of the mandem for a hell of the night. Cheers!

London knows...