Into the abyss….

A first blog post is always precarious as one doesn’t have a rapport or common understanding with their audience. I’ll try to make this one brief with more pictures than text so you’ll be inclined to check out this shit again. If that fails, maybe I’ll just post one about getting knocked with Axe Kill (Max Hill)…

This past weekend I flew out to Montreal for the IF3. I think most of you on here know all about it so I won’t continue on that subject.

Out my window on the flight, cheesy I know.

This is the view out the window of my hotel room at the Hilton. I know it’s pre pubescent, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Paris the entire time I was there. I wonder if she couldn’t stop thinking about me. I just hope it was mutual.

This wall was outside the Cinema Imperial where the IF3 was hosted, Nothing insane I was hyped on the color more than anything.

Somehow Doug Bishop managed to attain control of the microphone after 5 beers. And well, Doug’s humor has an appreciated quality to it, it’s like wine, you need to be around it for a bit to understand it. Made for some funny moments with the fans.

But really, if you work for a .com company do you have the capacity to be funny? I don’t blame Doug.

This is the set up at Cinema Imperial.

Chandelier at the Cinema Imperial.

I was judging. Here’s a photo. Enough about that.

I really like diners, so here’s a photo of one I went to while in Montreal. I don’t know why I like them so much, the shitty food, or old servers, or equally as old clientele, there’s just something that appeals about them to me.

PBP’s ‘Yeah Dude’ won the ‘People’s Choice’ Award. Director Tyler Hamlet with his prize.

Well that’s it 56 hours in MTL. Thanks to everyone involved in making this thing fly.