the idea for this came up not too long ago while i was reading a thread on the german-speaking freeski-website http://www.freeskiforum.de.

the thread was about that video of tanner hall in which he consumed a remarkable amount of drugs.


tanner is a well-known person in the freeskiing world, soooo much kids started to freeski because of him and a lot of them see him as their idol. a lot of people (including me, to be honest) bought some armadas because of his reputation or better said because of armadas reputation. and armadas reputation and status is pretty much built upon the person tanner hall, take it as it is.


there was a huge front against tanner in this thread. his "opponents" in this case were like "he shouldnt do that because he is a lot in the media and through his idol-like function this vid will affect the smoking habits of quite a lot of young skiers". they said that all the "tanner-wannabes" would now add smoking pot to their list of things they need to copy from tanner, beside from riding the t-halls, wearing everything baggy as shvt and listening to hip hop.


so i have to ask some questions (no problem, no work for you, i am about to answer them myself :) ):

is tanner an idol to a lot of people in the freeskiing world? - YES

is he a idol because of his riding style? - YES

do we have the right to "participate" at his private life and his private decisions, like smoking pot or not? - NO


i think that idols should be kept idols but just for the part of life for which they are famous now. can it be, that from this specific day, on which you get famous, you arent allowed to have a private life anymore? i think NO. they should be viewed and criticised for their efforts in acting, in singing or some sport, but not for their private life.

why is there this huge interest in the lifes of hollywood actors and popstars? or why do all the people want to see a dying person at close range? just to satisfy a perverse hunger after excitement? maybe, maybe it has other reasons. nontheless, we arent a part of these filmstars, or this rapper or who-o-ever. everyone whos famous should be able live the life that he wants to. and we, all the nosy people that we are, should live OUR lives too.

thx alot

and yes the thread is here, if you can speak german


or if you cant speak german and wanna have some fun, put it through that one