Hello fello Newschoolers!

This is Lil

John just saying whats up and a belated Happy Holidays! After finishing my

first semester of college I headed home a week early to ski in rails to riches,

that Killington rail comp, it was a good time, lots of kids killed it and JD

Zicat ended up winning! Giray took second who also slayed it and I got third.

After that I spent the next 4 weeks shredding urban with the meatheads and

hiking an assortment of resorts with friends from back home. I brought my

camera along for some of the fun stuff that we did, but you should check out

the meathead movie next year for all the bigger stuff and creative craziness

from the likes of Will Wesson and Andy Parry among others. Fellow Jibij team

riders Cat “the Witt” Foster, and Brady Perron shared in the gloriousness of

the east with me both slaying a multitude of features so checker out!

This footage is from my

little handi-cam deal and includes some hometown friends. Since I bought a

seasons pass in Utah and don’t have money or a true need for one in the east, I

did some friendly backyard stuff as well as some little things at this New Hampshire

sand pit near my home. Instead of getting kicked off mtns without a pass, I

spent a night at my friend wes’s house hitting his box/rail and the

sandpit/drop session during the day. My good friend Max Webb took some pictures

of the two spots for you all as well. Hope you enjoy the little edit. Yup.

Shout to Max Webb for the pics-

SamW, WesW, SethW, BobbyL for jibbing/filming... and Christopher Wallace, as

well as Anthony B

Also, check out this video our good buddy XD sent us from Korea.  He appeared on the news talking about freeskiing.  It's grown a ton there since we last visited.