Since Jibberish 2 doesn't seem to be coming, I have decided to take it into my own hands and make my own skiing game. The screenshot above is from a project I did for my graphics class. It was only an animation and I wrote the 3d file myself using boxes and cylinders but I think I have the background to at least attempt a legitimate skiing game. Don't worry the graphics would be much better. I also need something I can show to companies to help me get a job. I should have a lot of free time over my christmas break to work on this (I can only afford to go skiing so many times) so I was hoping on having a VERY basic working version around the beginning of January.

Here is what I hope to have in the first working version:

- Mac support (thats what I have)

- Jumps (2 axis rotation)

- Rails (perfect balance)

- 1 level

-1 skier

First "release" version

- Mac, Windows, Linux

- Multiple Levels

- Jumps (3 axis rotation, grabs)

- Rails (user controlled balance)

- Customizable skier

- snappy name

Future versions

- Level editor

- grab editor

- Career Mode

- Cel shading

- some sort of online component (probably like downloading levels from in game or something)

Basically I'm going to try and recreate jibberish and improve from there. Anything you want to add?