As some of you well know, I'm finishing up my last semester of college. As part of my graduation requirements, I'm taking a class called Visual Communication. In lieu of a term paper, we're required to make a documentary about anything and present it to the class. Part of this assignment is hyping it via a blog (shwing!) and creating a movie poster (we'll get to that assignment in a moment). We have the next four months to complete this assignment. Obviously, my documentary will have something to do with skiing and while I'm still floating around a few ideas, I can promise you I'll be bringing my digital camcorder with me to IF3, the NS Office, every stop on the Poor Boyz East Coast Tour and hopefully get a little skiing in there too. What this film will be about, who the hell knows? What I do know is I'll be releasing a trailer sometime in November and the full flick will drop in December. Also, I know I'll need the help of my loyal readers (all 12 of you) and my fellow NSers. Post comments about topics you'd like to see industry people, pro skiers, am skiers, and generally anyone that knows what the hell skiing is, talk about. Try not to be too specific with your questions, like "How drunk was Doug when he broke the window at Loon Mountain back in March?" (Answer: very) I'll do my best to ask those questions on tour. In regards to the movie poster, I'm leaving this up to you. Sometime in November, after the first trailer has dropped, I'll run a contest through this blog. Whoever designs the sickest poster, will get a gear prize to be determined later (I promise you, it'll include a few NS items as I plan on stealing them from the office - don't tell Jason). I never had any ambitions to make a documentary but with your help, hopefully we can make a film, poster, and project that SUNY Potsdam will not soon forget!

Thank you and God Bless America (I've been watching a lot of the Democratic National Convention)-Rogge