Really, its a shitty province. If it wasn't for the money from Ottawa and Toronto, we'd be Manitoba.

Physically its flat which blows for skiing, biking, long boarding...pretty much the things I do.

Its in a shitty location; right up from the US factory alley which compounds the smog from our southern poluting half of the province. I live in a rural area 2 hours east of Toronto and we have had more smog days the bright sunny days. What the fuck? The closest smoke stack is 2 hours away, why the hell should I have to suffer shitty looking and smelling air?

What is normally 2-3 km clear sky view across the lake has been smoggy and barely visible the last few days which has really pissed me off. Its muggy as hell, and I don't deal well with humidity (read: sweat).

This province is really starting to piss me off...