Please play video while reading this blog entry. This ones for my N-Y homies. Check it out - 1 time.ill news and plenty of hometown love. My good friend Mark Fragassi, the man behind West Mountain's park revival, is proud to announce a series of events the likes of Update Ennnnn-Why have never seen before - the 2009 Ski and Snowboard Series. Why is this series unlike the others? Because they take place at NIGHT more specifically on FRIDAY NIGHTS a.k.a. the time when all the hood rat shit goes dooowwn!

Mark's been doing hood rat shit since back in high school - here is 50-50ing a rail back in 2001. Some of you weren't walking in 2001Skiers and riders will be competing in a series of events for an endless amount of prizes (and you can bet your glock and your 9 that I'll be throwing some NS gear into that pile too!)
Mark is a former member of Line Skis Ground Troops and lived in Park City where he studied park building with the best in the gameWest Mountain is stepping their game up and you should too. With all the new features West is building, an impressive list of local and big name sponsors (ever heard of Under Armour, Smith, Nordica, Rossignol, and local hot spot shop, The Sports Page?), and a growing local talent pool, these events promise to be off the charts. Here's the schedule:January 16th is the Smith Rail JamFebruary 6th is the Under Armour Big AirFebruary 20th is the Nordica Skis/Rossignol Snowboards Slopestyle So get ya ass over to West Mountain for these events and throw down under the Friday Night Lights. Shits gonna be poppin' off like whoa!-RoggeFor more on West Mountain and the latest information on their new features and park - click here or here