This past Friday we kicked off another “Gunnie Season” premier in perfect 4Bi9 fashion at the Downstairs in Park City. Having a premier at bar is always pretty rowdy and this was no exception and on a side note, I get more and more stoked every time I watch the film…the new new.

The most official marquee.
A random shot of french fries, I don’t know whether it makes me hungry or sick.
Aj Dakoulas and Tom Wallisch were out taking it easy and they had a flight the next morning at 6am, ewwww.
The blurry Witt Foster has a very galactic hat.
Kevin Steen getting lost in the neon. (Movie fact) He filmed those banger shots of Witt and Collin on the Hip of Love, “what’s the hip of love?” I highly recommend watching the film.
Last but not least I got some pre-game footage followed by the madness of the actual premier in a stop frame montage, it really was as blurry as the photos, enjoy.

4bi9 Park City Premier (Swaga Remix) from Saga outerwear on Vimeo.

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