I went for a skin up Granite yesterday morning to try the snow on a different aspect. I was having a good ol' slog up, listening to the Rick Steves podcast in the sun when a screw on the pivoting part of my trekkers decided to fall off and bury itself somewhere on the skin track.  So, not really wanting to turn around on such a beautiful day, I busted out my trusty roll of duct tape and temporarily fixed the problem.  After skinning for two hours and re-duct taping 4 times, I made it to the top. 

New runs on Grey.

And because I'm an idiot, I forgot to turn my gopro on for my run down Southern Belle, which was actually really sick!  There was a very breakable rain crust covered in 5-10cms? of pow and I didn't hit anything on the way down. 

I got to the bottom and saw some pals building a little kicker on Indian Flats so I stayed and seshed with them for a bit. 

Vinzenz was killing it.
Jay was killing it.
Deremie cut his ankle cast off they day before and was killing it. (i dont recommend this)
And I sent some backies.

Solid day in the mountains, and it feels great to get back in the air.?

Thank you to Vinz and Pat for the jump photos.