Overweight & Otta Shape, But I Belong At The Brim Too!I?ve never been too afraid of anything, but in almost 50 years on this planet, except for one bad cross country ski outing when I was in high school, I?ve never clipped on a pair of skis. UNTIL LAST WEEK! After 3 Saturdays watching my 8 year old learn to fly at Pee Wee Ski Camp, I decided I needed to learn to keep up with her. How else could I set a good example? So, less than a week before I turned 50, I secretly took a day off work, checked my fear at Gate 4 and presented myself for the Discover Package 1 with a friend who was also a non-skier.Just getting the boots on was a challenge, but a kind stranger came to my aid and I made it to the bottom of ?Bambi? for my 9:30 lesson where I had my first spill trying to get my skis on. Undaunted by my tumble and the dozens of elementary schools students using us as pylons while they flew by, we went through the basics that would get us down the hill in one piece. I learned to make pizza and to spread peanut butter and jam on my toast. Finally, I understood what my daughter had been talking about!Next we headed to the Magic Carpet, which seemed to me a lot like a car wash conveyor. Imanaged that well enough, until half way up the hill it slammed to a stop and I planted my face into my skis. Not much ?magic" in that. I picked myself up, the belt started up again and I was deposited safely at the top of the hill.Now, Bambi would be a nice hill to stroll on a summer day, but for me that morning I might as well have been staring down death. I would not be undone! It wasn?t pretty, and it wasn?t fast, but I swallowed my terror and with the instructors guidance made it back down to the bottom in one piece without falling once or crushing a Pee Wee! I ?conquered? the hill several times that morning, only falling once more. No need for the Ski Patrol, I managed to get up on my own and make it down again. I?ll be honest, I didn?t stay for the entire 4 hours, but I did finish the lesson and went one more. By the last run my legs wereburning and shaky, but my fear had diminished and I was feeling very proud of myself. I like to think there?s something a little subversive about taking up skiing at 49 and it?s not a onetime thing. My daughter was so excited and proud of me when she saw the tag on my coat. I need a few more lessons, but I can?t wait to ?hit the slopes? with her. Do I belong at the Brim? Absolutely!