I BELONG AT THE BRIMHello, My name is Sheavaun Poole and I just turned 10 years old. I believe I belong at Brimacombe. Every year I do the ski camp during the holiday seasons, and after camp I usually ski until 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm at night that?s how much I love to ski the hills at Brimacombe.I love to ski all the time.I know that I?m just an intermediate skier, but I love the sport. I plan to go to the ski camps until I reach the end (advance). I usually try to go skiing every other week, when I don?t have hockey. Even though my mom or dad do not ski, I usually meet people to ski with. I love to talk to the people on the ski hills and I meet new people. It?s a great sport to enjoy if you live in Canada. I hope one day to compete.Maybe my dreams will come true!!!!!!