Yes! I do work as a full-time salesman, and a part-time dj, but I am still a skier! That is what I do, and today I found out why I do it all winter and even in summer-time (as of today)!

Ida’s dad loaned me his pickup and helped me switch to winter-tires at 7 am this morning. Why? Because me and Bent Jonny, a guy I am working with, wanted to go skiing the first day Juvvass Glacier was open!  3 hours each way, but SO worth it!

We made it up to the resort at 11.30 am, and we were there for 3 hours, since the weather was not top notch. Really bad visibility sometimes!  But we shot some film with my camera, and I learned a trick I have been longing to learn for a couple of years. It is probably a “must-have” trick when it comes to slopestyle competitions, but I am really proud of myself, and really super-happy to finally have done it. It is not the sickest trick in the book, but when working so hard to learn ONE single trick, it is a big relief when you finally put your feet down on it for the first time!

As I said, really bad visibility with a few dashes of sun every once in a while. We had tons of fun anyways. The park at Juvvass is really cool. The jumps looked small at first sight, but after running over them for a few laps, they seemed a lot bigger!  I simply loved the second jump!

“It is days like this that I realize that I am made for skiing, and allways will be. Believe me, it is an obsession out of this world!”