I came to L.A. to hang out with the boyz, and do some editing. I have alot alot of footage this year so I made a 10 Minute Bonus feature filled with powder lines and tricks that are not banger enough to be in the movie, but don’t sweat, this just means that My movie segment will be 100% bangers only, no questions. So if your thinking about buying the poorboyz movie, do it, because its basically like Buying the Tim Durtschi Movie as well. 2 for 1.

I have had some time to get out of the office and surf, and also check out some landmark sites. One life goal has been completed, I visited Dinah’s, It is the pancake house that is filmed in “The Big Lebowski“. The nihilists sit down for some Lingonberry pancakes here, it was a great time.

Just some floss rims
Surfing at the Dume, wearing my beach tee
Certified celebrity territory


 This trip has been way too much fun for only being 3 days long, I will be back in OR soon, don’t worry I have not sold my soul to So Cal…yet