We’re stoked to announce that coming this fall is 'By Us For U', an under the radar movie project featuring Lupe Hagearty, Kirk Scully, Keegan Kilbride and a bunch of other homies from along the journey. The movie is largely shot by Evan Lai-Hipp and self-funded by the crew. And just from that role call of names, you can tell already it’s going to be a real one.

The vibe behind the project is pretty simple. In Lupe’s words it’s about “getting out there every day and making it happen with help of our friends, our homies”.

BUFU will run at roughly 15 minutes with full street and backcountry booter segments. It rounds off in the same place as the seasons of so many skiers, with a trip to the mahalo volcano. Lupe is rightly stoked on an experience he describes as “unreal. It started with the beginning of the season anticipating winter. Before you know it you’re on this wild ride of highs and lows. From stacking clips and traveling with your homies to someone getting hurt or you don't get a shot for days. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it. The homies make it so damn fun.”

We can’t wait to see the full thing and I’m willing to bet that given the cast of riders, neither can you. We'll be talking to Lupe and Keegan in more depth about the project in the coming weeks. The full film will be showing on select east coast stops of the Inspired Media Tour and be live here on NS in a month or so.

Confirmed showing dates:

University of Maine- Sept. 21st

Burlington VT- Sept. 22nd

Portsmouth NH- Sept 23rd

Ski Sundown CT- Oct 1st