If you in Seattle right now, go to Evo to check out Hunter Longe's art (From 7-10)!!!!!If not...you can check his site. Here's a little background...His destruction and recreation of context points out the subjective in an apparently objective scientific outlook. His work spans several mediums including drawing, painting, collage, animation and video installation. The compilation and juxtaposition of mechanical, industrial, or geometric forms with human anatomy and organic forms provides a ground for questioning modern technology and industry: the overall gain from it, our dependence on it, its effects on the environment and its influence on culture, economy, and sexuality. Incorporating imagery from old comic books, anatomy books, mechanical diagrams, TV and films with that of my everyday life, the work becomes a retro-futuristic attempt at finding meaning and placement in a world so affected by and resulting from scientific and industrial progress (if one can call it progress).