Long day yesterday, again. Just crawled out of bed and had breakfast at Hotel Storlien at LeSki, in Storlien, Sweden. We had a mellow night in Budapest on Saturday night, as our flight was at 1150 this morning. Our flight was through Oslo before Trondheim. I got to spend two hours at home, repacking for the whole week before driving up to Storlien. I am here to coach skiers in the park, and have fun all day before leaving for Oslo in the night. Should be fun in the storm!

Norwegians flight 1551 from Budapest to Oslo

Oslo Airport Gardermoen. This is actually my work, except it’s at Trondheim Airport. Baggage, pushback, startup, and generally everything a plane needs to get going again. Fun to work with airplanes!

Gotta get going, skiing it is! Stoked!!