A majority of us should be familiar with the webpage 'Humans of New York'. While standing in line to grab my ticket at Park City, I decided to take my content in that direction for the day, and so I present, Humans of Park City.

"The most sensual part of my day? Erica spoon feeding me a milkshake."

"If you're thinking about raping me, don't because I have a knife and I'll cut you"

"We have more fun than Breck."

"I get the shivers after I use the bathroom"

"I used to be a fat ski blader"

"Professional Rocket Ship Builder, hailing from Camp Hill, Pennsylva-- wait... was that an airhorn?"

Dad Jokes. "Hi Tired, I'm Troy"

All in all, Park City has likely the nicest jump line I've ever hit, a fresh array of rail features, and along with the merge with Canyons, pretty much anything else you could ask for.

The #'s:

Top elevation- 10,000 ft (3,048 m)

Base elevation- 6,900 ft (2,103 m)

Vertical- 3,100 ft (945 m)

3,300 acres

3 Terrain Parks

Annual Avg. Snowfall: 360 inches

16 lifts:

4 high-speed, six-passenger chairs

3 high-speed quads

7 triples

2 doubles

3 conveyors

And you like airhorns and sub-par filming-->


Special thanks to Park City, friends, humans, and Newschoolers.com