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Professional skiers may have a pretty good lifestyle but a crisis like the Coronavirus, is a great equalizer. We're all in the same boat and we have to obey the rules to help control the outbreak. So what are pros like Phil Casabon, Tom Wallisch, Jake Mageau and others do when (depending on where they live) they have to stay off the slopes?

This lot might be some of the best skiers in the world, but while injury treatment is (unsurprisingly) a bit of a theme, you're probably doing similar things...(props if you're making funky walking sticks like B Dog!)


Daniel Hanka

I’m in the middle of the mountains in Arianna Tricomi's cabin. It’s the perfect place because it’s in the middle of the mountains, no people around, I got a nice terrace, beautiful views and I’m here all by myself.

Not a bad place to be stuck

I play a lot of guitars and I’m learning new songs/riffs and that’s keeping me busy. I do a lot of exercises too and I’m trying to get in the music theory too, but that ain’t too easy. I try to work out and stretch, I don’t like to do literally nothing so I try and do some exercises for an hour a day just to keep my body in shape. I play quite a lot of computer games. That’s pretty much it for now because it’s just my third day. It feels quite good to be alone with yourself, I really love it.


Tom Wallisch

With all the resorts being closed I’ve been spending way more time at home. Normally I would be on the road chasing snow/conditions and instead, I’m home with my wife and friends. I’m still trying to get outside as safely as I can walking the dog, ski touring, snowmobiling, but overall just spending more time inside at home. We’ve been passing the time with movies, cooking, board games, books, puzzles, really anything. It's a bit boring at times but a small sacrifice to make to hopefully keep others safe and to flatten the curve of this pandemic. Lots of fun new edits in the works now that I have all this time on my computer available! Stay safe out there everyone!


Sarah Hoefflin

Well at the moment, I’m not doing very much. I’ve just broken my arm, like six weeks ago—so I’ve kind of been a bit convalescent anyway—it kind of feels like I’ve extended that period by a little bit. That means that my life hasn’t drastically changed in the last five weeks.

I had started to do a little bit of ski touring, in the last few days when my arm got a bit better. Now it’s just an extension of my broken arm even though it’s not broken anymore.

Sarah's had plenty of time for ski maintenance...


Jacob Wester

Because I’m injured I would probably be doing the same thing that I'm doing now tbh

Eat a sh*t ton of food, do rehab exercises, watch an unhealthy amount of mindless Youtube videos, and sleep.


Phil Casabon

I am nurturing my knee with physiotherapy & mindful healing

I am writing a cartoon story based on the B-Dog character

I am editing my brother’s highlight drone reel

I am reading ‘Unfinished Tales’ from J.R.R Tolkien

I am carving some funky wood walking sticks

I am learning story building through an online class called MasterClass

I am meditating and praying


Will Wesson

“We just had our biggest earthquake in 30 years the other day in Salt Lake, so people have some extra worries on their minds with all the aftershocks still happening for a bit. I'll probably just hike and go touring like I normally would after the season ends, but just for a month longer this year.

All bars, restaurants and a lot of businesses are closed or working from home, but the main changes for me are mainly trying to go to the grocery store less and earlier in the morning when there are fewer people around to interact with

A bit more time at home also means catching up on some video editing I suppose.”


Jake Mageau

"I have tried to express my creativity in other ways like drawing, also keeping the body limber and the mind straight by doing yoga or stretching has made a big difference. With this virus, most of it is out of our control so it is important for us to focus on the things that we can control like our diet and the places we choose to be. A Good time to work on our patience In my eyes."


McRae Williams

“I’ve just been keeping busy around the house. I stocked up on food eating super well with my lady. Doing puzzles and playing video games ha. Been going through lots of footage I've been sitting on and throwing clips together for the gram haha. We all gotta live vicariously for a bit I guess. We are getting some decent snow in Utah at the moment so I’m hoping to get out with some of the boys around here and do some filming. It's hard because even though you know you’re pretty much safe from corona out in the mountains you still run the risk of something going wrong and ending up in a corona infected hospital. Maybe even taking up doctors and resources that should be going towards fighting off corona. Gotta think about the bigger picture and maybe hang up the skis for the moment as sad as that is.”


Alex Hackel

“I love routines they are very positive for me. I also like trying to focus your energy on positive things and using the time to create skills that will last a long time such as Studying, Sharpening a skill or Finding a new hobby. Recently I bought a DJ controller and have been starting to learn a bit. Also in these uncertain times, I want to connect with my friends and family and let them know I love them.”



“I am recovering from a shoulder injury I got at the Calgary world cup, so it’s actually good timing for me to be home and stay very relaxed. I try to take no chances and stay home and play cards with a few friends. I have been going to the market for my grandparents to make sure they stay safe at home in those tough times. Trying to stay healthy and exercise at home since everything close here in Quebec and I am happy people are taking this seriously so we can get over this asap!”


Not everywhere is shut though...

Magnus Graner

"I'm in Stockholm right now But I’m just about to go to the mountains up north. Sweden seems like the least shutdown place in the world almost. All Resorts are still open now and if they close we will be ski touring all spring."

So how are you passing the time?