Learn how to hand drag with Stomp It Tutorials. As most of us love to see a good hand drag on that roller just before that big kicker line I thought is was time to break it down in detail so more of us can learn to enjoy this fun trick.


What you will learn from this tutorial:

Step 1: Hand drag style cartwheel

Step 2: Find a good roller

Step 3: Hand drag 360

Common mistakes

Lets learn the hand drag 360 on skis.

Start with out your skis on. Find a flat area where you can do this thing that looks like a cartwheel. Imagine that you are carving into the jump and as you approach you in this case carve right and wind up some rotation.
Initiate the final turn inside your mind.
As you are in the middle of the final carve start unwinding the rotation.
As I pop off the ground I lean my body back and to the side. Look where you are going to put your hands down just behind where you moments before were standing and looking rad.
Land on your hand with your legs up in the air like this. Pop off hard from your hand and twist your body around a 180 and stomp it.

Step 2: Find a good roller.

A good roller should have a steep transition and landing. This is so you do not have to have so much speed. Speed is scary at first so we want to avoid that.
If the roller have a flat transition (inrun) you have to have a lot of speed and that is scary and not good to start with. It also is harder to get your body and hand down close to the snow.
If you do it in this not ideal roller you will have very limited amount of time to get those hands dragging and push hard enough off your hands so you will land on your feet. It works in this case since a 540 was done and there is more time to uncork.

Step 3: Warm up

If you never been dragging your hands in a style full way before test out a couple of lazy boy hand drag 180s. This is so you get a feeling for rotating and touching the snow.
Do a hand drag 180 of that good roller you may have found. Doing it on a feature like this is much harder so save that for later. Jump up in the air with your skis infront of your and your body leaning back and downwards. Make sure to hit your hand down in the snow just before the top of the roller.
Add a lot of force down through your hand and into the snow. You must do this because you will not uncork this trick otherwise.
When warming up my own hand drags this season I found a feature like this pretty good to get into it again. But most park does not have one of these fun jumps. It is good because you can carve up on the side of the top making it easy to reach down and hand drag on the top.
See here how the skis are on the side of the top and the upper body is reaching down and behind the center of the skis.
As you start dragging your hands try to pull up your skis by using your hamstrings and the cork motion to keep them above the snow.
Drag your hands hard into the snow and push off just like a push up so you will get the skis down and under your self again.
When you do it over a roller it is important that you carve into the jump pretty hard sharp turns and you get the timing of the carve perfect so you go of the roller straight over or slightly to the left.
In the beginning of the final turn wind up some rotation.
In the middle of the turn start to set of the rotation and look where you will put down the hands in the snow.
As you pop off the snow point your chest down and behind the center of your skis.
Try to send the legs forwards so they end up far in front of you.
Do not use poles when you start out! It is dangerous for your hands and general well being.

Common mistakes

Here we got several mistakes in one go. First the dude is trying this off a to flat roller that doesn't give a good pop.

The body is tilted straight to the side of the roller instead of slightly back behind himself. So make sure to practise on flat ground again if this does not come natural yet.
The ski ejected because the nose was in the snow.
Avoid ejecting skis by pull up your skis by using your hamstrings or cork the hand drag more by popping up the legs more in the air.
He land on his hip because he didn't get enough push of the arms when he was in the "push up" position.


Carve pretty hard as you approach the roller. Wind up some rotation.
Start unwinding the rotation as you are getting close to take off.
Pop off the ground and send your chest facing down and behind yourself and try to get them skis in front of your body so you end up in that nice push up position.

Once you got it down many times on rollers you can try to do it over features like this in your park. As the videos shows this is harder so take it easy learning this really fun trick.

Stomp It,

Jens & the stomp it tutorials crew.