Full Tilt’s own Logan Imlach drops some knowledge on how he balanced being a committed skier and student. For all you youngsters out there pay attention. Also take note that he rocks some Seth Morrison Boots on the hill, which really helps in preventing shin-bang. Check out the article from SBC Skier below!

Hey! Logan Imlach here. I?ve spent the last 4 and a half years skiing while going to college full time, so I wanted to give you kids some insight on how to maximize your skiing while attending school. People always say, ?ohhhh waaah waaah wahh, I have to skip class if I even want to ski blah blah blah.? That is just simply not true, there?s tons of ways to maximize both worlds, as long as you aren?t afraid of coffee and/or not sleeping much. While reading this, keep in mind that in my vocabulary, the word ?shit? can be used to describe many things

related to school, so without further ado, peep the list:

Scheduling ? College classes are different from high school, in the respect that they are scheduled twice a week. I always recommend Monday and Wednesday classes because if you aren?t close to the resort, you have Thursday through Sunday to shred. It doesn?t matter if you?re in class from 8 am to 9 pm, because you?re only there 2 days a week so really, who gives a shit?

Don?t take online classes ? Online classes being a cake walk is the biggest myth in college history. You always put them off til the last minute, and then on some fateful Sunday night it?s always, ?Oh shit! I have like 15 assignments due!? Save yourself the hassle and only take live lectures, that way you know exactly when class is, and exactly when shit?s due.

Give yourself an off day ? One day a week, aside from your class days, get shit done. The Monday Wednesday schedule leaves Tuesday as a prime day for this. Make a list, get your shit together, and just do all of your work. I don?t care if you have to lock yourself up in the *gasp* library, the more you get done on the off day, the less you?ll have to do on your shred days. Three days a week of school gives you four to shred, and damnit, that?s a winning battle if you ask me!

Get good grades ? The bottom line to this is, if you don?t keep your GPA acceptable, mom and dad are going to pull the rug on the whole operation. If you keep your grades to a bearable level, then there?s no reason for them to give a shit if you?re skiing four days a week. So be organized and studious, and you?ll have no problem shredding 80 days a year.

Find like-minded people ? As soon as you?ve labeled those with the same schedule and shred-ambitions as you, work shit out with them. You can trade off driving (saving money), get group meals (saving money), and have more connections finding a place to crash slope side (SAVING MONEY). That aside, you will truly find the college-life comradery that most think you have to go looking for in some gay-ass frat house.

Miss a day here and there ? Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be afraid to miss a day shredding here and there. If your school work becomes overloaded, take a day off and get your homework done. Make sure to call mom and dad on this day also, just to reiterate to them that ?school is coming first, then skiing?. This will make them super proud of you, and maybe get you some sweet ass presents come Christmas break.

Don?t get a girlfriend ? Most kids are so overzealous when they enter the college lifestyle that they want to find some hard body to settle down with right away. This will only complicate things. Keep your romantic life simple and string-free, otherwise before you know it you?ll be going on dates and giving out foot rubs when you could be getting face shots and making your boots really stinky.