The fires that fuel our love for skiing are burning brighter as the embers of the wildfires in the Western U.S. fade to charcoal dust. This year differs from the preceding, we have an old friend to fuel the flames: Ski Movie Premiere Season! Resurrected, back from the dead, premieres have returned. Travelling crews of filmers, pros, event coordinators, will all be putting on a show for you, the skier! And In the case of many of these shows, they'll be bringing shiny new gear to toss out into the crowd, or put up for grabs in an lottery, or auction, or perhaps a competition. So, without further ado, here is the BigPurpleSkiSuit guide to scoring gear from a premiere, humbly presented to you!

Step 1: Buy a Ticket

I'd imagine these events will be rapidly sold out, so make sure to get your spot at your local film premiere. You can't win if you don't buy a ticket. Level 1, MSP, TGR, Faction, and many more have tickets for sale on their sites RIGHT NOW!.

Step 2: Be in the right state of mind

It may be counterintuitive, but you can't go into a premiere with the thought that you will win free gear. I have found personally, that the right mindset is optimistic, but not entitled. Similar to attracting someone you're attracted to, it would be cool if it happens, but accept that it may not, and you will never end up terribly disappointed.

Step 3: Find a Spot to Shine

Inevitably at these premieres, it pays to be visible to the organizers, literally. Wear a crazy shirt, with some interesting writing on it to turn heads! Tye Dye, Flanel, trapezoids, whatever will catch someone's eye is your go to. If you're way in the back, it's much less likely that someone on a stage will spot you when they're asking people to be a part of something that could score you gear. If you're in the front, you have a much better chance of getting picked by someone on the stage to do something. At a particular Faction premiere, my friend and I were both very close to the front, and we both ended up getting picked to participate in a competition to get skis. (Faction is very generous) We were also both getting pretty loud and rowdy, which leads me to step 4.

Step 4: GET STOKED!!!

You're at a ski movie premiere! Possibly the pinnacle of skiing related stoke in a non winter environment. If someone is tossing gear around, they'll want to throw it in the direction with a bunch of people who are getting stoked. Don't worry about how you look doing something, or how something feels, everybody's there to have a good time, so let 'er rip! So what if you make a fool of yourself, people will love that too, as I have experienced firsthand.

Step 5: Seize the Opportunity

If you do end up getting lucky and are given a chance to win something, give it your all! Get the crowd involved, and amp them up for whatever is going on front and center. If you put on a show for people, they appreciate it, and they'll let the organizers know that you deserve a little something something for your efforts. If people are tossing gear into the crowd, grab your tall friend and have him catch something for you, or pull the classic extra tall overcoat gag with your friend on your shoulders to catch errant hats, mittens, and hoodies. 6: Bag Secured

Now that you've won some free gear, be gracious, grateful, and extremely happy. It wasn't easy, and now you've got some shiny new toys for the upcoming season. Shake everyone's hand, thank them for the opportunity, and make sure to tag them in any of your social media posts. Or just go dark, and let everyone wonder who that was who got skis at the premiere.

I hope that this brief guide will enhance your chances of walking away from a premiere with some new gear. Contrary to the title of this article(Yes you were clickbaited), you may not be guaranteed gear, but go to a premiere, and I guarantee you will have a great time, along with everyone else who loves skiing.